Getting a New Cable Provider

telecom-3When you change your address or when you move into a new house, there are certain steps you need to take to make sure that everything is in order. We’re talking here about solving all the possible situations with the bills and the service providers that you constantly use.

One of these providers is the company that offers you cable services, and if you don’t have someone who is proficient, you’ll need to get relevant information about this. The Sky customer service is at your service day and night for offering you the info that you need about the packages that they have and how you can benefit from their offers.

Let’s see how to get a good contract with them in just a few steps.

Notify the Old Provider

If you change your address, and you don’t want to get cable services or broadband phone from the old provider, you need to notify them that you’ll stop the contract. It’s important because they’ll keep billing you until you say otherwise, and it’s not worth to pay for services that you don’t use. You’ll have to give them about a month to stop providing the service, but you’ll also have to pay for that time, while you’re still using them.

The New Address

When you reach your new address, it’s great if you could choose a provider that has customized services. The customer service from Sky is a great source of information as they can provide you with everything that you need in this area. They have various services that range from TV cable to tech service and broadband phone, and they also have plenty of movie packages that you can choose from.

The Idea about the Services

To make an idea about what Sky offers, use their phone number and give them a call. You can decide what you want and what you need, depending on their offers. Not all the packages are listed on the website, so if you call their customer service, they’ll be able to give you supplementary information about their offers.

It helps you make an idea about what you can choose from their list of services, based on your preferences in TV programs or on your needs for broadband connection.

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The Contract

After you decide what you need from them, make sure you get a written agreement. Don’t wait until they install the internet or the TV cable, but ask them to send you a draft of the contract before this. It’s essential to do so because you need to be able to read the contract before you sign it and make sure that all the clauses are fair.

Don’t skip the small print just because it’s a very long contract – there may be about 20 pages or more in this kind of arrangement for providing various services, but reading all of it can help you avoid future problems. If you don’t agree with what it’s written, you need to contact their customer service and ask for further info.

In the end, you’ll see that choosing this company is a good thing because you’ll benefit from london-business-voip-providervarious services at affordable prices.


Once the contract is ready and you are sure it has all the right details about pricing and the services that you have chosen, you can set a date for installing the equipment. You’ll need to call the Sky customer service again and select a period that’s convenient for you when you’re home. They’ll get there with everything that they need for installing the TV cable, the broadband connection or the phone. Don’t let them leave until you evaluate the results – the TV must function perfectly, and you should have all the programs that are in the contract.